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We have some good stories to tell

    • Diesel V4 Scoot Video

      Diesel V4 Scoot Video

      Our Pro rider, Robin Fraaye, is riding the new Diesel V4 scooter !!

    • Freestyle Scooter Team

      Freestyle Scooter Team

      Take a look at our young and upcoming pro riders!

    • Sunrise SUP Surfing

      Sunrise SUP Surfing

      Wants to know how a cold morning sunrise in the far up north looks like? Check out this video.

    • Brazilian SUP Adventure

      Brazilian SUP Adventure

      Our watersports expert, Nikolaj Holmlund, have been exploring the Brasilian landscapes and nature, on his SUP board. Follow his adventure here.

    • Skateboarding Desert

      Skateboarding Desert

      What to do in a lonely desert? Remember to bring your skateboard!

    • Winter SUP Surfing

      Winter SUP Surfing

      Ever wondered when it's too cold for SUP surfing? The answer is NEVER !!

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